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Pure & Natural, Sustainability and Mother Nature…What defines CHILUMAY is our passion and zeal towards create and offer pure and natural food products with sustainable practice which are in harmony with Mother Nature.

At CHILUMAY, We believe in good health is the integral part of living systems but in this fast phased life humans are taking away the goodness of nature. In integration of sustainable sourcing and awareness we strive to offer 100% natural and pure food products.

At CHILUMAY, we completely focused towards a sustainable agro-ecosystem that ensures procurement of chemical free raw material for manufacturing and procurement from smart farmers who care for soil & water conservation and reduced pollution

At CHILUMAY, We are in empowerment of rural economy as all our raw materials are procured from rural areas and directly from farmers. With that we contribute to boost rural economy which is the back bone of India

AT CHILUMAY, We vouch for WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, to lead from front the founders of CHILUMY are women’s. Most of our employees are women. With this we are contributing our part for women empowerment.

Our founders had a dream of making an impact to MOTHER NATURE and RURAL INDIA. so they founded CHILUMAY with focus on sustainability, women empowerment, boosting rural economy and serving 100% natural and pure food products to human.

Sustainability: Our eco system comprises of rural farmers who grow raw material without chemical and focused on water conservation and soil. With this we are able to do out bit to MOTHER NATURE and also to humans

Women Empowerment: Most of our employees in our organisation are women including our founders. With this we are contributing to women empowerment

Rural economy: Our raw materials are procured from Rural India and directly from farmers. With this we are impacting rural economy and ensuring farmers are benefited

100% natural and pure: We are focused on delivering 100% natural and pure food products to humans. We are conscious that in this fast phased life and rat race humans have forgotten the good food and which is leading to metabolic and chronic health conditions for them. We came in to existence to make an impact on human kind by serving 100% natural and pure food products

What inspires us is CHILUMAY making a multi dimensional impact and it is the driving force for us to be relentless and strive hard to fulfill on the vision and mission


We are devoted and empowered by nature and purity. It is our continuous objective to be the world’s most thought food manufacturer of a wide range of food products
We are inclined with sustainability through which we strive to be in harmony with Mother Nature and offer the 100% pure and natural food products
We provide outstanding products latest and best suitable technology
We work together with our customers to create a win-win situation.
This is CHILUMAY way to pledge utmost quality and sustainability, which empowering us to create most excellent and wholesome natural food products in the industry today and in the future


To create and make pure and natural food products for our clients by engaging with them in the sustainable practices and thereby create and add value to people lives. And to continuously contribute and enhance awareness about good practices in food industry and live with nature.

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